Focus on your business

Our vision is to help our clients by alleviating them of everything technical that is not part of their core business.

Services :

  • Formalize the needs expressed by the client
  • Create the design brief and the mission statement
  • Define user interfaces and API
  • Define private interfaces and API
  • Select appropriate products, technologies and protocols.
  • Create specification for development, deployment, units tests and quality tests
  • Perform units and quality tests
  • Perform software and hardware tuning and optimization
  • Create update plan, rollback plan and incident recovery plan
  • Code review and audit
  • Project management
  • Integration of new technologies in corporate processes

Domains of competence

Dichotomia has competence both in hardware and software with a specialization in project management, data ingestion and algorithmic.

How can we help you?

At the core, we can help you to untangle your technological setup. Making choices in the IT world is hard. Making all the right choices is impossible. So at some point every technological company needs to reconsider the way it produces and delivers. Dichotomia can help you rethink your network layout, change your data storage system, adapt your framework, migrate your solution and better monitor your infrastructure. This way you can get the performances you and your clients are expecting, and focus on the activities that allows to make money and grow.